SitStraight is a free and open source application that helps you correct your posture when sitting at the computer

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Mobile device not supported.

SitStraight is a web application that requires a computer and a webcam to work. Unfortunately, mobile devices are not supported.


How does it work?

SitStraight uses the webcam of your computer to determine if you are sitting upright or slouching. If you are slouching you will get an alert to correct your posture.


What about privacy?

Your images are never saved on the server. SitStraight only records the coordinates of your head in space so your pictures are not accesible.


Health Benefits

It is estimated that 149 million days of work per year are lost because of low back pain. By correcting your posture, you are improving your overall health.


How to sit

Sitting right is good for your health, but it might not be so intuitive. Make sure to read the guidelines on proper sitting posture.